How to secretly have a fling with another Travel Agent

How to secretly have a fling with another Travel Agent
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Shaun Busuttil
By Shaun Busuttil

The Travel Industry: ain’t it all about the booze, travel and hookups – preferably in that order? Yup, our industry certainly is a fun one, and some of us like to have a little extra “excitement” outside the office.

But the last thing you want is for the whole office/area/state or industry knowing about your romantic rendezvous.

So with that in mind, here are five bits of advice on how you can have a fling with another Travel Agent on the down-low.

1.Use coded language


Don’t give away your romantic connection through language and use stealth communication – i.e., coded language – instead.

The best thing about coded language is that you can still convey your feelings and desires to that special agent around the office and at industry event nights without anyone actually knowing what you’re really talking about. Of course, you can also use it in all your emails and FB chats.

Just make sure you both agree to the terms of engagement as coded language can easily confuse and/or amuse.

2. Be professional


Keep your hands to yourself during office hours and at industry events.

I know, it can be difficult, but a secret romance needs to stay a secret, and full-on displays of “affection” at any place connected with work is going to put the damper on it.

Avoid touching, lingering looks, or intimate conversations, and if your lover happens to win an award or famil, keep the congratulations to a minimum. A simple thumbs-up should suffice.

3. “We’re just friends”


If those around you start questioning your relationship with that other Travel Agent, chances are you’re too late. The wheels of the Travel Industry Gossip Apparatus (TIGA) are mostly likely already in motion, and eyes will be all over you two like white on rice!

The only way to deflate this gossip balloon is to give the use the “we’re just friends” routine. If people still aren’t buying it, boost its efficacy by acting a little colder to your secret lover or start making overt attempt to seduce another agent.

4. Don’t meet at your local


Every workplace has a local, and you never know which one of your colleagues may fancy an extra drink after work. For this reason, never meet at your office/store’s local pub.

In other words, don’t $hit where you eat!

5. The buffer rule


As a general rule, always keep a person between you and your secret Travel Agent lover.

For example, when sitting down, leave a seat between you and them, and when standing around, stand next to someone else, not them. To the outside world, this will make it seem like you guys aren’t that keen on each other, even though the complete opposite is true…

Have you ever had a secret fling with another Travel Agent? Oh do tell us in the comments below…