Nobody cares about your holiday photos on social media, apparently

Nobody cares about your holiday photos on social media, apparently
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Nahrain John
By Nahrain John

Your eyebrows may be on fleek, your hair may be glowing under the setting sun and the destination may look delightful half-hidden behind your face but guess what, nobody cares about your holiday photo, apparently.

Earlier this month, KarryOn told you not to let anyone shame you out of taking a holiday selfie, but we never said anything about sharing them, and here’s why.

According to a new study by Aviva, nearly three quarters of your social media friends find it really irritating when you (or anyone else) share holiday photos online.


Respondents described vacation posts as “annoying” with their least favourite image being those of legs on the beach.

Sounds like some people suffer from extreme cases of jealousy, and that’s exactly how they should feel because one in 10 people admitted to sharing their holiday selfies on social media to entice envy among their pals.

beach selfie


But not everyone is out to make their friends jealous, nearly half said they just want to keep everyone in the loop.

Top holiday photos making it to social media are those with views from the hotel balcony as well as cultural landmarks and sight-seeing snaps, first cocktail, local dogs and cats and local bar tenders.

Are you a selfie social media sharer?