Outgoing passenger cards soon a thing of the past


It’s almost impossible to think of one irritating aspect of travel, oh wait, just thought of two – persistent street vendors and the outgoing passenger cards.

Thankfully one of these things is exiting the industry stage left and no, it’s not the vendors.

A representative from The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) told news.com.au that the Outgoing Passenger Card (OPC) along with the orange Incoming Passenger Card have become obsolete and will eventually be phased out.

But don’t get too excited too quickly and definitely don’t stop packing your pens in your carry-on anytime soon because the representative was unable to offer an ETA on when the two cards will be completely scrapped.

“Removing paper-based manual processes is integral to achieving a seamless and automated traveller experience.”

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The representative continued, saying that the department recognises the importance of the information collected on paper-based cards and is hoping to introduce an alternative means of gathering the same data.

“DIBP has worked closely with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to identify and successfully test alternate data sources instead of relying on manual collection by paper-based cards,” the representative added.

“The Government is focused on low contact automated border clearance processes and technologies to manage the 50 million travellers expected annually by 2020.”

Do you ever feel like the Outgoing and Incoming Passenger cards are the bane of your travel existence?



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